Oakville United Soccer Club welcomes Expressions of Interest for our Premier League teams for the 2022 season and beyond.

Oakville United is one of the major stake holders affiliated and part of the Blacktown District Football Association. We embrace past, present and future Football growth within our club and our region. We encourage creativity, modern Football methodologies and trends with great focus on experienced senior players joining our family cultured Football environment.

Oakville United Soccer Club provides and facilitates professional environment and fully accredited coaching staff. Our Football vision and philosophies rise above most and are second to none. We invite all senior players to embark on new challenges and with passion for success. Join us now.

Oakville United Soccer Club are proud to announce our long term partnership with Performance 360 Physiotherapy Clinics. Performance 360 will manage players well being, prevent injuries and collaborate closely with our coaching staff in maintaining fitness programs and monitoring health and well-being for our teams and the individuals.

We invite all senior players, Reserve team players and U20’s to join and rise to the challenge. Moving forward our aim is to achieve success and our own brand of Football through our highly qualified coaching staff and long term stability

Please complete the form below and return asap. Registrations are now open. We will contact you to arrange next step moving forward. Bring a friend and your team mates. All is welcome!

Let’s make 2022 and beyond the year of the Raven!